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Welcome to The Shirt Dudes™! Each person is unique in their own way, so are our shirts. Not everyone has the same taste or style, that is why we offer a variety of options to select from. You can choose your design, color, size, and style to match your personality! Some designs of our designs can even be personalized.

You were made to be a unique individual and we have the privilege of creating that one-of-a-kind gift for you and those closet to you. Find and create something special today. We are the place you go to for the best gift-shirts on the internet! If there is something you could not find, send us a request. :)

"The original in many famous popular t-shirt designs." ™
Many shirt are our original designs that got famous & popular over the internet! We also carry a variety of Official Licensed products and we ourselves are also expanding our ongoing list of obtaining Licensing to create our own designs & products. There are great apparel for someone who's into anime, super heroes, TV & movies, math or science geek, comic nerds, vegans & vegetarians, etc. WE ARE THE PLACE TO GO TO FOR GIFT-SHIRTS! Select from many nice tees for family members, friends, matching couples, birthday presents, wedding anniversary, valentines day, Father's & Mother's day, and the funniest humorous coolest gift ideas for special occasions. Some designs allow you to customize & personalize, making it uniquely one-of-a-kind!

Impacting the World:
Striving to provide awesome gifts made for unique individuals, while a portion of the proceeds are donated to our "Charity of the Month" in hope of making a difference in the one shirt at a time!

Growing up in (surfing-zone) Southern California, it was a place surrounded by a diverse population of different unique individuals. Though America is a land of opportunity, there were still many unmet needs. People on a daily basis were struggling just to get by. For that reason, one dude grew a strong desire to influence change. He was ambitious about making a difference in people's lives in some way. During school years, he sold candy & chocolates door-to-door fundraisers for a worthy cause felt good! He enjoyed giving to charities or organizations that were doing good & showing acts of kindness for others.

Around college, he wanted to do a business with things he enjoyed. Influenced by characters such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Naruto, etc., it just made sense to get these merchandise for himself and start a shirt retail store. Since then, we grew into a larger company selling Official Licensed products and also is expanding our ongoing list of obtaining Licensing to create our own designs & products. We hope each product puts a smile on your face and thousands more around you. We will do our part to give to charities that put more smiles on other faces. Support us on this purpose. Together, we can make a change in people’s lives and make a difference in the world…by one shirt at a time, surf's up dude! :)
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